Wondering why Studio Franco has a pineapple logo? You’re not alone! So many people have asked about this little illustration that I decided it was time to share why I chose it to represent my brand. It all began when I learned the history of the pineapple in Central Florida…

The History of the Pineapple

During Colonial times, the pineapple was a symbol of welcome, friendship, and hospitality across the South. Orlando, in particular, was known for producing some of the finest pineapples in the country at George Russell’s Lake Ivanhoe Pinery. You can still find tributes to the pineapple all over the historic neighborhoods of downtown Orlando—topping fence posts, crowning archways, and spouting water in fountains large and small.

Two-story house (blue with white trim) with pineapple lights on top of each fence post.
Image of a home in downtown Orlando. Can you spot the pineapple lights? Photo source: Zillow

Pineapples Today

Today, pineapples are known for their sweet and refreshing taste. There’s also something fun and quirky about them! Maybe it’s the spiky leaves that look like hair or the resemblance to the shape of a face. Whatever it is, pineapples convey a sense of humor (see the many photos of pineapples wearing sunglasses and party hats circulating the internet).

The Pineapple à la Studio Franco

The original pineapple logo.

As a logo, the pineapple is a nod to Orlando and an indication of the sense of warmth, welcome, and comfort I want clients to feel when we work together.

Building lasting partnerships is easy when communication is easy. My goal in working with clients is to put them at ease so that we can work together to overcome challenges and be open to new ideas.

The pineapple logo also signals the approachable and refreshing perspective I take on digital marketing. I aim to make custom websites accessible to small business owners and to show them the power of authentic marketing that speaks directly to their audience. 

Pineapple Evolution

Over the years, the Studio Franco pineapple logo has evolved. What began as a simple illustration I made with Affinity Designer is now the work of Sam Garner, one of my favorite designers here in Orlando. She did a fantastic job capturing the friendly vibe and optimism that defines the Studio Franco brand.

Along with the new logo came an updated color palette. The new brand colors are similar to the originals, but a bit more refined. To me, this signifies the maturity of the brand as it enters a new chapter.

The new and improved pineapple logo!